Thursday, November 22, 2007

Kannai Nambathey Unnai Ematrum

We all know how careful MGR is when it comes to lyrics. MGR goes through every line of it. Maruthakazi once told that how meticulous MGR is in approving songs. In the film "Ninaithathai Mudippavan", there is a song "Kannai Nambathey Unnai Ematrum", sung by TMS. In the charanam Maruthakazi had written:

Pon Porulai Kandavudan Vantha Vazhi Maranthuvittu- Than Vazhiye Pokiravar Pogattume"

MGR immediately pointed out what if the "than Vazhi happens to be a good vazhi". Maruthakazi was shocked at the sharpness of MGR's observation. So Maruthakazi immediately substituted the line as

"Kan Moodi Pogiravar Pogattumey"

The full line then became:

Pon Porulai Kandavudan Vantha Vazhi Maranthuvittu-
Kan Moodi Pogiravar Pogattume"

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