Monday, December 31, 2007


Thalaivar gets up at 4 in the morning. He starts working out with all his favourites items like, "Karla kattai". In his Ramavaram house he had a mini gym in the first floor. He usually wears a white lungi when he exercises.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

White hat

An aged Islamic friend of Thalaivar gave him a white hat. Except the shooting spot, he will be wearing that wherever he goes. And he continued to buy the hat from that particular friend's shop alone. The white hat symbolised Thalaivar all along his life.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Meeting Strategy

Usually when Thalaivar attends meetings or rallies, he makes a point to talk in the end. This is done because he witnessed that once if he finishes of his talk early the crowd leaves early. But this habit was not undertaken only in Annadurai's meetings. There he will talk ahead of Anna, so that Anna gives the final finish. In election rallies he used to say that that he never wanted monetary fortune. The amount of love people had in him will make his life so simple that he can have a meal everyday in their houses till the end of his life because they were his real fortune.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The launch of a fan club

For an actor there can be numerous fan clubs. But a country's prime minister inaugurating an actor's fan club can happen only for Thalaivar. Yes, The late Lal Bahadur Shastri inaugurated, "Panathottam MGR Rasigar Mandram" in 1965 when he was touring Andaman and Nicobar Islands. And i believe his fan club was the first to be launched in Dubai.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Foodie bit

Thalaivar does not eat non-veg on fridays alone. He likes aval paayasam very much. His favourite food is chicken fry and dried fish gravy. I believe this was said by S.S.R's actress wife Vijayakumari, who used to call Thalaivar as "Checha", some years back.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Something common between the Thilagams

There are two films of MGR and Sivaji that never released the records. One is Sridar's Sithoor Rani Bathmini with Sivaji Ganesan and Padmini acting. The super songs were by GR but they never came out in record. The other is Kalai Arasi with MGR acting, and KVM providing the music. This is the first Tamil film to show outer space, a story loosely based on UFOs. I thought one of the best sci-fi movies of all time. But a flop. Still had good songs. This movie was directed by Ramanna if my records are right.

Friday, December 7, 2007

One more thalaivar related site

Wow. That's the word i wanted to use when i first saw the name of this website. It's a privilege to have one like this. Tons of information available here. Let me give you the link >>

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Thairiyamaaga chol nee manithan thaana

It was MGR's 100th movie. MSV refused to compose music for the song, "Thairiyamaga chol nee manithan thaana", saying that the song was deliberately hitting out against Kannadasan. MSV is and very much till today is an ardent bakthan of Kannadasan. Vali and MSV were quarelling. MGR intervened to solve the problem. MSV told the matter to MGR. MGR asked MSV to play it for him and he okayed. In the Hindi film Dharmendra deliberatley drinks. In the Tamil films MGR can never be shown drinking or smoking. Tamilnadu can never bear it! So MGR modified the story where he is given chloroform-like spray after which he is forced to drink. As he returns home, his conscience teaches him a lesson by singing out the ill efects of alcohol. MSV cooled own and composed the music and it did come out very well. The famous song is:

Thairiyamaaga chol nee
manithan thaana? Manithan thaana? Illai!
neethaan oru mirugam
-intha mathuvil vizhum neram
manamum nalla gunamum
un ninaivai vittu vilagum

Maanai pol maanam enraai-nadayil
matha yaanai neeye enraai
vengai pol veeram enraai-Arivil
Uyarvaaga Chollik kondaai
mathuvaal vilanginum keezhaai ninraai

Alaiyaadum kadalai kandaai
kudithu pazhagaamal aadak kandaai
malaraadum kodiyai kandaai
mathuvai parugaamal aadak kandaai
neeyo mathuvaaley aattam kandaai

porul vendithirudach chelvaai
Pennai peravendi vilayiai cholvaai
thunivodu uyirai kolvaai
etharkkum thunaiyaaga mathuvai kolvaal
kettaal nanthaney manithan enbaai.

He was involved in too many night shootings. After shooting was over he used to return home. The others would remain to go through the rush copies. One midnight after the shooting was over, the director, producer, sound engineer, cameramen and lightsmen were all seated in the dark mini theatre to screen the rush copy of the "Thairiyamaga chol nee" song scene. They were all appreciating MGR's acting and were giving suggestions as to how the song scene could have been improved. Suddenly a white figure rose from the back seat and said, "OK. Get the settings ready again. I will improvise the acting as suggested". They were shocked to see MGR quietly sitting there. Luckily no adverse comment were passed. So the settings were put up again and the shots were taken. MGR improved on his performance. The shooting was completed around MGR is that much a perfectionist and a hard worker and that is what we are seeing today in Oli Vilakku.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Resemblance of Naan Paarthathiley and Puthu Mappillaikku

MGR's only film with AVM was Anbe Vaa. It had numerous and evergreen songs by MSV. One of them was
Naan Paarthathiley
Aval Oruthiyaithaaan
Nalla Azhagi enben
Nalla Azhagi Enben

When Kamalhasan was producing Aboorva Sahodarargal he requested Ilayaraja to compose a song along the lines of Naan Paarthathiley. And Ilayaraja gave this song:

Puthu Mappillaikku
Nalla Yogamada
Antha Manamakalthaan
Vantha Neramada

I guess both were written by Vaali.

Slowest number of MGR

KVM was assigned to compose music for the film Thozhilali. I guess it was Devar's movie. There was one song that went very slow. KVM felt that that particular song could only have a slow speed owing to the situation where a manual labourer sits under the street light and sings in the silence of the night. KVM composed the song and felt that MGR may not approve. MGR heard the song and approved it immediately. So far this is about the slowest song of MGR. The delightful song written by Alangudi Somu is:

"Aandavan Ulakathin Muthalaali
Avanukku Naan Oru Tholilaali
Annai Ulakin Madiyin Mele
Anaivarum Enathu Koottali"

Monday, November 26, 2007

Ellis R. Dungan's Manthirikumari

True to his name, it was a perfect hollywood type of movie. He was the one who introduced Puratchi Thalaivar in Sathi Leelavathi in 1936. Manthirikumari was not only a box-office hit but also created Tamil film history. It was based on the Tamil classic Kundalakesi. MGR, M. N. Nambiar, Madhuri Devi, G. Sakunthala and S. A. Natarajan were in the prime roles. The dialogues were written by Karunanidhi. S.A. Natarajan, a tamil theatre import by then, stole the show with his scintillating performance as the king’s guru’s son and a bandit by night. Music was a huge plus. “Vaaraai…..nee…Vaaraai”, sung by Tiruchi Loganathan and Jikki became an immortal number. G. Ramanathan was the composer. Yercaud Hills was the spot for the latter half. It might be a huge tourist destination now. But those times of 1949-1950, it was all mountain, jungle, rocks and shrubs. So trekking was done and immense risks were undertaken. Ellis R. Dungan, the director, used three cameras (rare in those days) to shoot this song. But all his hard work helped him reap rich dividends, when the movie and the song became super hit. When the film was in the post-production stage, problems arose in Dungan’s personal life, which forced him to leave India to the United States. T. R. Sundaram, the then Modern Theaters' boss took over the film and completed it. But there is another story to this film i read somewhere. Don't know which is true. Dungan wanted, “Vaaraai…..nee…Vaaraai” in the film, which T.R. Sundaram initially refused, saying it would not be accepted by the masses. After some argument, Dungan threw a challenge. He proposed to screen in Madras alone and see the reaction of the public. Should there be good response, the song would be retained permanently in every other copy. Should there be bad response, the particular song scene would be cut off completely from all the copies. The challenge was taken up by T.R. Sundaram. As agreed the song scene was screened in Madras, and the cinema goers gave tremendous support not only to the melody, but also to the hidden meaning in the lyrics and the way Natarajan acted. Dungan won and am not sure when Duncan went to the United States. Anyways, even after 60 years, the interest in the film hasn't gone down one bit. Truly a cult classic.

Another very good link

Just found this link. Looks like all the good things are falling in place when we start to write about our god. As a true follower, I will keep posting whatever I find about him. Long live Vaathiyar >>

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Kannai Nambathey Unnai Ematrum

We all know how careful MGR is when it comes to lyrics. MGR goes through every line of it. Maruthakazi once told that how meticulous MGR is in approving songs. In the film "Ninaithathai Mudippavan", there is a song "Kannai Nambathey Unnai Ematrum", sung by TMS. In the charanam Maruthakazi had written:

Pon Porulai Kandavudan Vantha Vazhi Maranthuvittu- Than Vazhiye Pokiravar Pogattume"

MGR immediately pointed out what if the "than Vazhi happens to be a good vazhi". Maruthakazi was shocked at the sharpness of MGR's observation. So Maruthakazi immediately substituted the line as

"Kan Moodi Pogiravar Pogattumey"

The full line then became:

Pon Porulai Kandavudan Vantha Vazhi Maranthuvittu-
Kan Moodi Pogiravar Pogattume"

Vaali and MGR

When Vaali was composing songs for MGR, the usual "wolves" carried tales to MGR. This caused a drift between Vaali and MGR. So Kannadasan was once again used by MGR. Just before that MGR had announced, "From now onwards Vaali would be the one writing songs for my films", implying that Kannadasan is out of favour. But after the wolves had done sufficent home work, Vaali was kept away by MGR. Vaali became downtroddedn economically, and was suffering from financial crisis. Later while songs were being produced for the film Thazhamboo, MGR sent message to Vaali to compose "One " song for the film. Vaali wrote a song and sent it away to the studio for recording. This is about the only song where Vaali directly communicated his heart's feelings to MGR. Then they patched up their differences. The song in which Vaali speaks to MGR is:

Engey Povidum Kaalam?-Athu
Ennaiyum Vazha vaikkum-Nee
Idayathai Thiranthu Vaithaal-athu
Unnaiyum Vaazhavaikkum

Ullathai Cholli Nallathai Cheithu
Varuvathai Varattum Enriruppom
Kannerellaaam Punnagaiyaagum
Kadamayin Vazhiye Ninriruppom.

Oru Sila Perkal Oru Sila Natkal
Unmayin Kankalai Thiranthu vaippar
Poruthavarellaam Pongi Ezhiunthey
Moodiya Kankalai Thiranthu Vaippaar

Kalkalirukka Kaikalirukka
Kavalaikal Nammai Enna Seiyum?
Uzhaippathu Onre Seyalenak Kondaal
Nadappathu Nalamaai Nadanthuvidum"

MGR got the message and immediately patched up.

In many intimate moments with Vaali MGR had pured the burden from his heart. As Vaali pointed out how several of the songs written by Vaali had materialised, MGR pointed out that there is one song that could never materialise. That is from Petraal thaan Pillaiya.

"Enakkoru Magan Pirappaan
Avan Ennai Polave Iruppaan
Thanakkoru Paathaiyai Vagukkamal
En Thalaivan Vazhiyile Nadapaan."

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


MGR had acted in several of MK Thiagaraja Bagavathar's films. When he ws the CM he wanted to change the name of Tiruchy Kalai Arangu into Thiagaraja Bagavathar Kalai Arangu. The date was 2 October 1981. MGR was scheduled to appear at 11.30 in the morning. From 11.00 am onwards no song was played. At 11.30 MGR arrived in his car and alighteed. As he came out of his car this song was played. "Vathanamey Chandra Bimbamo" to the thunderous applause and cheering of the massive crowd there. MGR could not control his smile. He smiled and waved at the crowd. The crowd became more hysteric.

Awkward situation faced by MGR

The late Puthaneri Subramaniam was a bakthan of MGR. MGR wanted to use his song in his home production "Nadodi Mannan". The song was "Veesu thendraley Veesu Vetkai Neengave Veesu". When MGR went outstation, the song was rejected by the cine politics. When MGR came back he found that the song was not accepted by his story unit. Out of deep sadness he called up Puthaneri Subramaniam and explained his awkward situation and paid him off Rs 500. The song was later used in Ponni Thirunaal-sung by PB Sreenivos and P Suseela.

Monday, November 19, 2007

MGR's magnanimity

At a time when Kannadasan and MGR had political differences, MGR did not allow the kaviyarasar to write for his films. But Sridhar cannot think of his film without the songs of Kannadasan. Sridhar was producing Urimaikkural. There was one song which was written and recorded without the knowledge of MGR. When MGR heard the song, he wanted to know if it was the work of Kannadasan. Director Sridhar admitted. MGR asked Sridhar to show Kannadasan's name in the title card in the film. The reason MGR gave was not to cover up the ability of any talented person. At times MGR's magnanimity swells by leaps and bounds. The song was the evergreen Vizhiye Kathai Ezhuthu with the musical score of MSV.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

MGR with Bantulu for Ayirathil Oruvan

B.R. Bantulu buzzed off from Sivaji's unit after the film Muradan Muthu and came to MGR to produce Aayirathil Oruvan. MGR gave all the necessary cooperation. As always, he wanted every aspect to excell. In one song situation Vali could not rise to the expectation of MGR. MGR forgot his bitter feelings towards Kannadasan and tracked him down and called him to write the song. With the first pallavi, Kannadasan won MGR's heart, and MGR aksed him to complete the rest of the songs. The song is Odum Megangaley Oru Sol Keliro... Unforunatly Ayirathil Oruvan was the last joint work for MSV and TKR.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Interesting facts on Kulebagavali and Nentru Indru Naalai

Mayakkum Maalai Pozhuthey Nee Po Po was orignially composed by KVM for the film Koondukkili, but later used in Kulebagavali in which VR were MDs. The song Nerungi Nerungi Pazhagum Pothu was orignially composed by KVM for a film of MGR that never was released. But this song was used in Netru Indru Naalai in which MSV was the MD.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Music Directors for MGR films

1.Paithiyakkaran-CR Sbbaraman(CRS)
2.Rajakumari-SM Subbiah Naidu(SMS)
3.Abimanyu-CRSubbaraman/SM Subbiah Naidu
5.Rajamukthi-CN Pandurangan
6. Ratnakumar-G RAmanatahan/CRS
7.Manthirikumari-G Ramanathan(GR)
8.Maruthanaattu Ilavarasi-MS Gnanamani
9. Marmayogi-SMS/CRS
10.Sarvfathikari-S. Dachinamurthi
11. Andamaan Kaithi-Govindarajulu Naidu
12. En Thangai-CN Padnurangan
13. Kumari-KVMahadevan(KVM
14. Genova-MSVisvanathan/MS Gnanamani/TA Kalyanam
15. Naam-CS Jayaraman
16. Panakkaari-SV VEngatraman(SVV)
17. Koondukkil-KVM
19.Kulebagavali-Visvanathan Ramamoorthy(VR)
20.Ali Baba & 40 Thirudarkalum-S.Dachinamurthy
21.Madurai Veran-GR
22.Tahikku Pin Thaaram-KVM
23. Chakravarthy Thirumakal-GR
27.Nadodi Mannan-SMS
28.Thaai Magalukku Kattiya Thaali-TR Paappa
29.Bagdad Thirudan-Govindarajulu Naidu
30.Mannathi Mannan-VR
31.Raja Desingh-GR
32.Arasilang Kumari-GR
33.Nallavan Vaazhvaan- TR Paappa
34.Sabash Mappillai-KVM
35.Thaai Sollai Thattathey-KVM
37.Kudumbatha Thalaivan-KVM
40.Rani Samyuktha-KVM
41.Thayai Kaatha Thanayan-KVM
42. Vikkiramathithan-S. Rajeswararao
43.Ananda Jothi-VR
44.Darmam Thalai Kaakkum-KVM
45.Kalai Arasi-KVM
46. Kaanji Thalaivan-KVM
47.Koduthu Vaithaval-KVM
48.Neethikku Pin Paasam-KVM
51.Periya Idathu Pen-VR
53.En Kadmai-VR
55.Panakkara Kudumbam-VR
56. Thaayin Madiyil-SMS
57. Thozhilaali-KVM
58. Vettaikkaaran-KVM
59.Aasai Mugam-SMS
60. Aayirathil Oruvan-VR
61.Enda Veetu Pillai-VR
62.Kalangarai Vilakkam-MSV
64.Panam Padaithavan-VR
65. Thaazhamboo-KVM
66.Anbe Vaa-MSV
67.Naan Aanaiyittaal-MSV
69. Nadodi-MSV
71.Parakkum Paavai-MSV
72.Petraalthaan Pillaiya?-MSV
73. Thaali Bagyam-KVM
74. Thanipiravi-KVM
75. Arasa Kattalai-KVM
76. Kavalkaaran-MSV
77. Thaaikku Thalai Magan-KVM
79. Ragasiya Police115-MSV
80 Ther Thiruvizha-KVM
81. Kudiyiruntha Koyil-MSV
82.Kannan En Kaadalan-MSV
83. Puthya Boomi-MSV
84. Kanavan-MSV
85. Oli Vilakku-MSV
86. Kathal Vaaganam-KVM
87.Adimai Penn-KVM
88. Nam Naadu-MSV
89.Maattukkara Velan-MSV
90. EN Annan-KVM
91. Thalaivan-SMS
92. Thedivantha Mappillai-MSV
93. Engal Thangam-MSV
94. Kumarikottam-MSV
95. Rickshawkkaran-MSV
96. Neerum Neruppum-MSV
97.Oru Thaai Makkal- MSV
98.Sangey Muzhangu-MSV
99.Nalla Neram-KVM
100.Raman Thediya Seethai-MSV
101.Annamitta Kai-KVM
102.Naan Yen Piranthen-Sangkar Ganesh
103.Idaya Veenai-Sangkar Ganesh
104.Ulagam Sutrum Vaaliban-MSV
105.Pattikkaattu Ponnaiya-MSV
106. Netru Indru Naalai-MSV
108.Sirithu Vaazha Vendum-MSV
109. Ninaithathai Mudippavan-MSV
110.Naalai Namathey-MSV
111.Pallandu Vaazhga-KVM
112. Idayakkani-MSV
113.Nethikku Thalai Vanagu-MSV
114.Uzhaikkum Karangal-MSV
115.Oorukku Uzhaippavan-MSV
116.Indru Pol Enrum Vaazhga-MSV
117.Navarathinam-Kunnakkudi Vaithiyanathan
118.Meenava Nanban-MSV
119. Maduraiyai Meetta Sundara Paandiyan-MSV
120. Avasara Police 100 (MGR songs - MSV)

Moondreluthil En Moochirukkum - MGR

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How MGR saved Sivaji?

Surprised. I am talking about the movie "Sivaji". Rajnikanth might have played one of the best roles of his life. But he needed an MGR to win the final showdown. That's the power. Any other name to that character would not have worked. Hats off to director Shanker. If there was one Shanker for Puratchi Thalaivar, here is one Shanker for Rajni. All in all, even after twenty years of his physical death, MGR will be there in us forever. Because he is the real Thalaivar. He will be there till Tamil exists.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bhanumathi unplugged with MGR

Bhanumathi, the charismatic actress of the (g)olden days. She always enjoyed working with our boss. The article lists down how cool both these were with each other and how professionalism worked well both on and off the sets. Let's enjoy reading this >>

Friday, November 9, 2007

Puratchi Thalaivar is there everywhere

Interesting little article about our Thalaivar and Thalaivi. Check it out. It's good >>

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

MGR magic

If it was Adimai Penn yesterday, today it's about Naadodi Mannan. Wow. How exciting it was to watch in theatre. I was able to see the movie in Ganapathyram Theatre in Adyar. Check this news article of our Man's magic >>

Monday, November 5, 2007

The legend is here to stay

MGR - the three letter magic is here to stay. Adimai Penn re-released in the city of Chennai to the warm applause in this rainy season with a reason. He is simply irreplaceable. Check out the Sify's story >>